1.       Bedana/Raisin Industry seed Processing.

2.       Cashew/Chiroai processing (Any fruits).

3.       Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed Making.

4.       Cereals, Paddy trashing.

5.       Charoli making.

6.       Coconut and Areconut product.

7.       Daliya making.

8.       Fruit and Vegetable processing, Reservation and Canning including Pickles.

9.       Ghani Oil Industry.

10.     Groundnut and Decordication (Seeds/Oil Purpose).

11.     Indian Sweet Making.

12.     Khava and Chakka Units.

13.     Manufacture of Gur & Khansari/Jaggery making.

14.     Manufacturing of chips from Banana (Raw)/Potato.

15.     Manufacturing of Food Industry.

16.     Manufacturing of Kelke Candy.

17.     Masala Udyog.

18.     Milk Products Making Units.

19.     Mini Rice Shelling Unit/Rice Mill.

20.     Noodle Making.

21.     Others.

22.     Paddy Units (PCPI)

23.     Palm Fur making and other Palm products Industry.

24.     Papad Making.

25.     Poha making Unit/Pop corn, Muri making/Chana Chur.

26.     Power Atta Chakki/Flour Mill.

27.     Processing of Maize and Ragi.

28.     Processing of packing and Marketing of Cereals, Pulse, Spices,                   Condiments, Masala      etc.

                        29.     Production of Ice box, Cold storage.

                        30.     Raswanti, Sugarcane Juice catering Units.

                        31.     Soda Mfg. Products.

                        32.     Soft Drink Unit.

                        33.     Vermicelli (Shyarige) Machine.




      1.         Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing by Forest Produce/Medicinal Plant.

      2.         Agriculture Employment.

      3.         Bamboo and Cane works.

      4.         Basket making/Bag making.

      5.         Bee keeping.

      6.         Box Making.

      7.         Katha Manufacturing.

      8.         Manufacture of Mahendi.

      9.         Manufacturing of Leaf-cup Plates.

     10.       Others.

     11.       Photo Framing.

     12.       Verniculture/Verni Composte/Waste disposal.




      1.       Ban Making.

      2.       Coir Making

      3.       Fibre Stems (Glass)

      4.       Fibre Other than Coirs.

      5.       Handmade Paper/Thermocal

      6.       Klues Fattis and Broom Making.

      7.       Leaf Cup Making.

      8.       Manufacture of Exercise Book Binding, Envelop Making, Register Making,    including    all other stationery items made out of paper.

      9.       Manufacture of Jute Products, (under Fibre Industry).

    10.     Manufacture of Paper Cups, Plates, Bags and other paper containers.

    11.     Manufacture of Shellac.

    12.     Others.

    13.     Pith Work, Manufacture of Pith mats and Garlands etc.

    14.     Vermiculture and Waste Disposal.



1.       Blackboard/State & Slate pencil/Chalk making.

2.       Blue metal Jelly (Excavation of Stone Quarries for Crushing pf Blue metal Jelly)

3.       Brick Bhatta.

4.       Cement Blocking.

5.       Ceramic Dental Teeth.

6.       Caly Grinding.

7.       Cottage Pottery Industry.

8.       Fuel Briqueting.

9.       Gem cutting.

10.     Glassed Decoration-Cutting, Designing and Polishing.

11.     Goldsmiths (Jewellery works)

12.     Idol Making.

13.     Jewellery out of Gold, Silver, Stone, Shell and Synthetic Meterials.

14.     Limestone, Lime Shell and other Lime Product Industry.

15.     Manufacture of Bangles (LAC).

16.     Manufacture of Glass Toys.

17.     Manufacture of Gulal, Pangoti.

18.     Manufacture of Paints, Pigments, Varnishes and Distempers.

19.     Manufacture of Plaster of Paris.

20.     Manufacture/Processing marbles sheets/Tiles (Simples/Mosaic etc.)

21.     Klinerd water.

22.     Mining Activities & Trading Small Stone.

23.     Mosquito Net Making.

24.     Mud Pot Manufacture.

25.     Other

26.     Painter/Manufacture of Paints.

27.     Polishing of Granite stone slabs/Granite crushing

28.     Sand lifting

29.     Silver smithy

30.     Steam Coal Powder

31.     Stone cutting, Crushing, Curving and Engraving for Temples and Buildings.

32.     Utensils Washing Powder.

33.     Utility Articles made out of Stone.



  1. Bakery Products

  2. Candle, Comphor and Sealing wax making.

  3. Chappal making/shoes making

  4. Chemical Industry.

  5. Collection of forest Plants and Fruits for Medicinal purpose.

  6. Collection of processing and packing of Forest products/Herbal Products.

  7. Cottage Match Industry/Manufacture of find works and Agarbattis.

  8. Cottage Soap Industry.

  9. Detergent and Washing Powder Making (Non Toxic)

  10. Flaying, curing and Tanning of Ludes and skins and Ancillary Industries Connected with the same and cottage Leather Industry.

  11. Horn and Bone including ivory Products.

  12. Manufacture of Bindi.

  13. Manufacture of Essential Oils.

  14. Manufacture of Gums and Resins.

  15. Manufacture of Manure (Organic Manure).

  16. Manufacture of packing items of Plastics.

  17. Manufacture of Rubber products (dipped latex)Rubber sheet.

  18. Manufacture of Shampoos.

  19. Manufacture of Hair Oils.

  20. Manufacture of Poly Boags etc.

  21. Manufacture of PVC shoes.

  22. Manufacturing of Resin & Tarpoline Oils.

  23. Manufacturing of pharmacentical products.

  24. Menthol Cyrstal.

  25. Menthol Oil.

  26. Manufacturing of Mosquito Killer etc.

  27. Manufacturing of PVC Pipe & Other PVC Items.

  28. Net making.

  29. 29. Nylon Rope making.

  30. Others.

  31. Perfumes making.

  32. Products out of Rexin PVC.

  33. PVC insulated wire and Cables.


  1. Assembling of Photostat machines.

  2. Auto mobile.

  3. Bio-coal Industry.

  4. Blacksmithy.

  5. Building construction.

  6. Carpentry.

  7. Carved Wood and Artistic furniture  making.

  8. Computer Assembling.

  9. Engineering works (Agri.Implements).

  10. Fabrication works.

  11. Founding units.

  12. Engineering workshop.

  13. Gen.Engineering Works (Grilling/Painting) Immitation Jewllwry(Bangles) and other.

  14. Ornaments making.

  15. Iron Grill making.

  16. Iron Works.

  17. Lathea  Works.

  18. Manufacture and use of Manure and Methane (Gobar) Gar from Cow dung and Other Waste products (such as Fleash of Dead Animals, Night Soil etc.)

  19. Manufacture of Fuel Briquattes.

  20. Manufacture of Musical Instruments.

  21. Manufacture of  Decoration Bulb, Bottles, Glass etc.

  22. Manufacture of Electronics Clock and Alarm time pieces.

  23. Manufacture of Hand made Utensil out of Bell metal.

  24. Manufacture of Hand made Utensil out of Brass.

  25. Manufacture of Hand made Utensil out of Copper.

  26. Manufacture of House hold Alluminium utensils.

  27. Manufacture of Paper Pins, Safety Pins etc.

  28. Manufacture of Rural Transport Vehicles such as Hand Carts, Bullock Cart, small Boat, assembly of Bicycles, Rickshaw, Motorised Cart etc.

  29. Manufacture of Various material handling equipments.

  30. Manufacturing of engineering instruments (tube light, Bulb, Fans, Grinder etc.)

  31. Manufacturing of  Machinery spare parts Bearing etc.

  32. Manufacturing of Mixer, Grinder and other House hold Goods.

  33. Manufacturing of Plate form Scale/Dharamkante.

  34. Manufacturing of Screw/Ball Bearing.

  35. Manufacturing of Storage Batteries.

  36. Manufacturing of Steel Grill, costs, Chairs and others Domestic furnitures.

  1. Manufacture of Barbed Wires.

  2. Manufacture of Instand Sambiranti stick Packing materials.

  3. Manufacture of Control Pannels.

  4. Manufacture of Cooler Body.

  5. Manufacture of Microscope.

  6. Manufacture of Mirror/Gift Articles.

  7. Manufacture of Sewing machine parts etc.

  8. Manufacturing of Shutter looks etc.

  9. Manufacturing of Trolly of Tractor and Turi Trolly.

  10. Manufacturing of Weighing machine.

  11. Motor wining.

  12. Other Articles made out of Brass, copper and Bell Metal.

  13. Others.

  14. Production of Bumper Plants Protecter.

  15. Production of Cassette Player whether or not Fitted with Radio.

  16. Production of Cassette Recorder whether or fitted with Radio.

  17. Production of Radios.

  18. Production of Voltage Stabiliser.

  19. Rotary Furnace.

  20. Saw Mill.

  21. Solar and Wind Energy implements.

  22. Trasher machine unit.

  23. Stove Wicks.

  24. Transformer/elect, Motor pump/Generators.

  25. Trunk and Box manufacture.

  26. Umbrella Assembling

  27. Welding Works.

  28. Wire net making.

  29. Wood Works.


  1. Agriculture servicing for sprayer, Pump set.

  2. Art Board painting/Spray Painting.

  3. Auto Rickshaw (passenger, driving) Hiring purpose.

  4. Auto Service Centre.

  5. Band Troupe.

  6. Barber.

  7. Batic works.

  8. Battery charging.

  1. Boring.

  2. Cable T.V. Network/Computer Centre.

  3. Cotton Bed/Pillows, Bed sheets, Matdress etc.

  4. Cyber Café.

  5. Cycle Repairs shop.

  6. Dhabas (Not servicing Liqour).

  7. Dlaring making.

  8. DPS Repairing shop.

  9. DTP Centre.

  10. Dyeing and Raising (Flannel)

  11. electronics (T.V. Radio, Tape repairing, Servicing).

  12. Embroidery.

  13. Embroidery of Fabrics.

  14. Generator Sets.

  15. Hand glove.

  16. Handloom/Polyvastra Manufacturing.

  17. HDPE Bag stiching and Printing.

  18. Health Clib/Gymnasim.

  19. Herbal Beauty Parlour/Syurvedic Herbal products.

  20. Hiring of sound system like loud speaker, amplifier mike etc.

  21. Hiring of shuttering and Mixture machine

  22. Hosiery.

  23. Hotel (Hotelier).

  24. Iodized Salt.

  25. Kamble Weaving.

  26. Kirana Shop/General Store.

  27. L.P.Gas distributor.

    36.   Labour Contractor/Road Contractor.

    37.   Laundry.

    38.   Making Wire Cots and Chairs.

    39.   Mandep Decoration, Syamiana Supplier, Music System etc.

    40.   Manufacture of Lok Vastra Cloth.

    41.   Manufacture of Silk Sarees.

    42.   Manufacture of Surgical Bandage.

    43.   Masoury.

    44.   Manufacture of Shopping Bags (Cloth).

    45.   Mini Theatre.

    46.   Motor Cycle to Fly as Taxi (For Goa only).

    47.   Motorised local Boat (Fine Glass) for Goa only.

    48.   Musical Instruments (for Goa only).

    49.   Offset Printing Nad Binding.

    50.   Others.

    51.   Plumbing.

    52.   Polyvastra/Silk.

    53.   Printing Press/Screen Printing.

    54.   Public Transport Service/ Rural Transport Service.

    55.   PVC Film Vegas Manufacture.

    56.   Readymade Garments.

    57.   Repairs of Diesel Engine Pump set etc.

    58.   Rural Medical Centre.

    59.   Sales Outlet.

    60.   Screen Printing.

    61.   Screen Printing is Cotton Textile Fabrics.

    62.   Servicing of Electric Wiring and Electronics Appliances and Equipments.

    63.   Sofa Repairing Works.

    64.   Sweet Stall.

    65.   Tailoring and Preparation of Readymade Garments.

    66.   Tea Stall/ Confectionery Shop.

    67.   Telephone Booth with Electronic Services/ STD Booth.

    68.   Thread Balls and Woollen Balling Lacchi Making,

    69.   Toys and Doll Making.

    70.   Tyre Vulcaning Units.

    71.   Vehicles Batteries under R.E.I.

    72.   Video and Photo Studio.

    73.   Watch Repairing.

    74.   Weigh-Bridge.

    75.   Welding Machine.

    76.   Xerox Centre/STD Centre/Lamination.